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St. Timothy has always been a resource to the community and has a 25-year history of providing early-childhood education that encourages children of all faiths and backgrounds. Our preschool curriculum is based on enriching the lives of young children through play and structured activities including vocabulary & phonics, arts & crafts, numbers & counting, physical development, music, games, and science (STEM).

A 2018 building remodel expanded the preschool and when the Church Council heard about the lack of child care in the area, they choose again to be a resource to the community.  The original commitment was to provide a loving, family friendly, child care and educational experience to children ages 3 - 4 - 5, with a 2 to 3 year expansion plan.  But that is not what the community truly needed.  The community has asked for more and again St. Timothy’s has responded.


On August 19, 2019 St. Timothy Preschool and Child Care will become a year round center providing services to children aged 3 years through 5th grade.  Our services include morning preschool, full and part-time child care, before and after school and no school day care for school aged children, as well as a full summer program for children aged 3 years through 5th grade.


St. Timothy has established several collaborative relationships that support the Preschool and Child Care center.  During the school year Hudson CSD will provide daily transportation of children to and from the center. The Hudson Public librarian reads to the preschoolers each month and during the summer, on a weekly basis, the children will participate in the Hudson Summer Library program.  Additionally, we are collaborating with and participating in the Hudson Parks and Rec summer Kids Adventure Program. 


As stated in our mission, St. Timothy Preschool and Child Care is  focused on providing loving child care in a family friendly environment that supports the growth of the whole child in developmentally appropriate ways. We have a well trained experienced staff that will guide the program, and we believe that parents are a child's first teacher.  We want to be a partner with parents, helping them raise children that have social-emotional skills as well as cognitive skills so that these children will be successful in school and in life.